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Canon VS Nikon? Which Is Better And Easier To Use For Beginners Or Professionals

canon vs nikon review

In this article I want to review the comparison between canon vs Nikon camera brands, which is always the choice of many people when buying a camera whether it is a DSLR or Mirrorless either new or used.

Not to review which brand of camera is the best and which is not but to discuss what the advantages of Nikon, what are the advantages of Canon and what are the disadvantages of the two brands.

Both are good. Therefore, many dilemmas when faced with two camera options namely Canon vs Nikon.

In terms of price is not much different because the higher the specifications offered, the more expensive the price.

So, which one do you want to buy? Is it Canon or Nikon? The decision is yours. For the right decision, check out this article until it runs out.

Canon vs Nikon, Which Match?

FYI, there are so many brands of cameras out there. So the choice is quite varied, not just Nikon is the same Canon.

Want to find another brand? You can choose Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm to Pentax. In order to not be too broad, in this article I focused first to two brands of cameras namely Canon Vs Nikon.

Without the need to linger, the following presented comparisons of Canon Vs Nikon from various aspects, such as:

1. Compatibility

The first relates to the compatibility of the two brands above. This compatibility is what makes the above two camera manufacturers more famous than other brands.

It all started in 1987 when Canon's first EF Range was introduced and successfully attracted the interest of many photographers, whether pro or not.

On the other hand, Nikon F lens mounts have been introduced decades earlier, precisely in 1959 although not as popular as Canon's.

One of the points that distinguishes between Canon and Nikon compatibility is in autofocus.

In addition, all Canon EOS lenses with autofocus have been around since the 1980s.

Meanwhile, for Nikon, the new AF-S lens is already autofocus support and developed in the same era.

Even if it is over 40 years old, Non-AF-S lenses can still be mounted or used on Nikon DSLR cameras today.

It's just that the focus should be set manually. It also fits the vision of Nikon who want to release autofocus motors in their cameras.

In the hope of keeping Nikon DSLR cameras lightweight, compact and low budget.

Yes, on Canon, the autofocus sensor is on the lens and not on the camera body like nikon has.

That way, you can also still wear older lenses like the Canon Rebel T7i or 5D Mark IV pro on Canon DSLR cameras today.

In conclusion, the compatibility of the two brands above is just as good. So go back to your choice, which one to buy.

2. Crop Factor

The second relates to crop-factoring. why? Because the camera sensor has a fairly varied size, depending on the brand.

On full-frame DSLR Pro cameras, the sensor width can be 35mm. But on a beginner DSLR camera, the sensor size is smaller.

That's why some people refer to the beginner DSLR camera as a crop-factor camera, which refers to the size of the sensor.

Oh yes, cropfactor itself is a term that refers to the process of lens magnification produced when the camera is used.

On Nikon cameras, the crop factor ranges from 1.5x. This means that when you attach a 50mm lens to a Nikon crop-sensor DSLR camera, the result will be equivalent to 75mm.

On the other hand, on Canon, the crop-factor is 1.6x due to their slightly smaller camera sensor.

That way, when 50mm lenses are attached to their sensor-crop DSLR cameras, it is equivalent to 80mm.

So, why is crop sensor important? The size of the sensor, whether larger or smaller, is often interpreted as the resolution of the image itself.

By comparison, the 0.1 crop factor difference between Canon and Nikon may not be very significant.

But because the sensor is small, the 0.1 number allows you to produce high-quality images.

In conclusion, in terms of crop factor, Canon is better than Nikon. But the choice remains yours.

3. Performance

Thirdly it's about performance. At first glance, both brands of cameras above have a steady performance.

However, there are still areas where Canon or Nikon are considered better.

For example, some photographers don't like the automatic white balance that is on Canon cameras.

On the other hand, most photographers like some canon lens types that are considered better than other brands.

If confused, you can read real-time product reviews on Youtube, blog or official website directly.

That way, you can get an idea of the performance and advantages of the camera you want to buy.

4. Usability

In addition to performance, one of the things that must also be discussed is the usefulness of aliases, whether the camera will be used or not.

To measure the usefulness of the camera, you can start with some questions below, such as:

  • How do I feel when I hear the word Nikon or Canon?
  • What's it like to take photos with Canon or Nikon?
  • How easy is it to navigate the menus on the camera screen whether it's Canon or Nikon?
  • Can the purchased camera be used in any situation?

But, as I mentioned above, all go back to personal preferences when deciding whether to buy a Canon or Nikon camera.

So, which is the best?

Is it Nikon or Canon?

To answer the above questions, it is good to go to the live camera store and see the most suitable camera purchased.

To review which is best, in addition to considering the four factors above, also consider the question of PRICE.

What budget is prepared to buy a camera? $150? 1000? $4500 or maybe $7000?

When it comes to price, the two cameras are not much different. Therefore, try taking a few cameras and then looking at the physical appearance, its special features and doing a quick analysis.

If necessary, you can take a photo with the camera to see if the resulting image is as expected or not.

Feel free to ask the shopkeeper including to a friend who happens to have a camera and know a little about the camera.

All I want to say is one is don't obsess over one brand and always be objective when judging something.

Before buying a camera, first think about how much budget you have and what kind of camera can be purchased with that budget.

If you have, narrow the disbursement by searching online reviews such as cameras below 5 million, cameras below 3 million and so on.

If you have any additional questions, enter or maybe other questions related to this post, can be left in the comments field.

Thus the article on nikon vs canon comparison, which is the best? Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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