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Smart Ways To Avoid Online Scams That Are Happening

online scam

The more sophisticated the technology, the more sophisticated the fraudsters perform their actions. Every day there are people who complain about the deception they experience. Starting from fraud due to online shopping, phishing (theft of personal data to access bank accounts), OTP, fraud under the guise of gifts.

Ways to Avoid Online Fraud

Unfortunately, despite the many victims and characteristics of online fraud, there are still some who are trapped and end up becoming the next victims. Therefore, you should be aware of what are the ways to avoid online fraud that is now happening.

1. Check testimonials

The first way is to avoid fraud when shopping online. Nowadays many online shop or marketplace customers often complain of fraud that they experience to forums or market place complaint sites. Usually the scams they experience such as unsubmitted goods or goods shipped do not match the order.

To avoid such scams, it's a good idea to check the testimonials from previous buyers. Get used to checking the lowest testimonials first (one star). That way, you know what are the problems that are often experienced by previous buyers in the store.

2. Don't give yourself data

One of the scams that is rampant is in the form of theft of personal data to break into the victim's account. Usually fraudsters pretend to be administrators (admins) or telemarketing banks where customers store money.

This kind of scam can also not only drain your account. You can also become a victim of online loans, i.e. fraudsters make online loans using your personal data.

Therefore, never give your personal data such as NIK, birth mother's name and other data to others, even if there is a bank that calls you. The bank will only ask for the data of the biological mother when you call them, for example for blocking the account number.

3. Do not carelessly give OTP

If you are an e-wallet user, never once give the OTP you received to anyone. Nowadays, there is fraud under the guise of OTP to drain the user's e-wallet balance.

Usually, scams like this, are done over the phone by informing you if you win a prize. remember! If you win the prize from the e-wallet, they will inform you by phone using the office number. And, of course, they won't send any OTP codes.

4. Don't carelessly click "download"

One of the most common online scams is sending emails or chain messages about lucky draws by clicking on certain links. If you find such a thing, never click on the link. Often, the link will lead you to a malicious website that can steal your phone or laptop data ranging from phone number data to password data in it.

5. Find out the fraudster's phone number

Reward scams are rife using phone numbers. To avoid being fooled, use a third-party app or search for the phone number of the person calling you. Usually, the fraudster's phone number will be easy to find when you search the internet. This is because there have been many victims who complained about the number on the application or website providing phone number information.

Remember, fraud will always happen and if you are off guard maybe you can become the next victim. So, try to stay alert. And, remember, don't share personal data with anyone!

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