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Your Son's Naughty? Here's How to Educate a Good And Righteous Child

how to educate children

Every parent always hopes that their children will grow up in good character, such as polite, friendly, responsible, and others. 

Actually, it is determined by the parents themselves! The way Papa and Mama educate also guides the children to shape their attitudes and it will be brought to adulthood later.

Seeing the importance of this child's character education, you should teach positive things to the child well. 

There are important things parents need to give their children as children. They need to educate children with compassion, honesty and responsibility. 

There are more ways to educate that Papa and Mama need to know. Pay attention and apply these ways yes!

1. Fostering love in children

Love is one of the important values children need to have. Naturally, children will indeed cultivate a loving, generous, and affectionate attitude. However, parents also have an obligation to grow it. 

The simple way to show the importance of love in the child is to show how much you love your child. Papa and Mama can express their love through simple things like; spend time with the child, pay attention to his needs, and also give hugs. 

Cooling affection for children makes them learn how to show affection and be able to reapply to people in the surrounding environment. Make your son grow up as a loving person towards his neighbor.

2. Getting used to being honest

Being honest isn't hard, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Honesty is a fundamental value of life that children must hold from a young age. 

From a young age, children need to be used to being honest in their words, deeds, and behaviors. Honest children are able to confess the truth, although sometimes it means they will receive consequences and punishment. 

Parents can get used to children being honest by giving trust and praise. Parents also need to set an example of honesty and not lie in the presence of children.  

3. Foster respect for others

Before children interact and get acquainted with various people in the community, they need to be taught how to respect others at home. 

From a young age, children need to instill the importance of respecting others and not being selfish. The Child cannot always impose his will, they also need to see the needs and conditions of those around him. 

Mama's child can start by learning to respect family members, especially older ones. Get used to children greeting, speaking politely, and offering themselves when there are parents or relatives who need help. 

4. Fostering a sense of responsibility in children

Until now, children certainly did not feel a great responsibility. Parents always make sure their fullness and smooth life are very good. But it will become very different when they grow up. 

Before it's too late, Mama can educate the children to have an attitude of responsibility. For example, inviting them to be involved in making decisions in the family, for example, is choosing a weekend activity. 

Mama also gives simple tasks that train the responsibility of the Child. It's like getting used to them tidying their own room, preparing their own school supplies, or helping to clean the house with you. 

5. Educate children to be polite

Who wouldn't love to meet a child who wants to show politeness? Polite attitude needs to be had by children because it will be a good reflection of self for mama's child.

Politeness needs to be formed from the home environment. No need to go far, get used to the child being polite to Papa, Mama, brother and also sister.

Polite children are used to giving greetings when meeting others, saying excuse me when going through, thanking when receiving something, also want to apologize when doing something bad. Children will get used to having a polite attitude when they always do so. 

6. Introduce the child to the consequences of their actions

Every action always carries its own consequences. Good deeds will produce good results, and vice versa. 

Children from a young age should understand that. Parents need to set some consequences or sanctions when children violate the established rules. Like for example they need to help you clean the house when it gets not following the replay well. 

This consequence should not be done with threats and acts of violence yes. This will make the child feel constantly regulated by the parents.

7. Teach children to always take care of the environment

Last but not least is about the environment. We all certainly know the consequences when not taking good care of the environment, let's call it pollution or flooding. That's why children need to be used to taking care of the environment. 

Give children examples of simple things about taking care of the environment, such as dumping trash in its place. Mama can also invite children to plant plants or flowers in the garden, It can make the environment look more beautiful and beautiful.

Oh yes, also get used to children to limit the use of plastic bottles. Invite them to always bring refillable drinking bottles when traveling. 

Those are 7 ways to educate a good child in the family. When you successfully apply positive things in guiding the child, he will also grow into a good person. According to the example you gave. 

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