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Here It Is! How To Read Other People's Minds Easily

how to read minds

Is it a way of reading people's minds that really exists and has been scientifically proven? If so, how? Literally, humans can't read people's minds like superheroes do in fiction movies.

In science, reading thoughts is referred to as empathy accuracy which requires you to be able to 'read' other people's thoughts through the words they speak, the emotions they implied, and the body language they show.

Believe it or not, you and many others can read someone's mind, especially a spouse, family, or close friend. On the other hand, people without social sensitivities will not be able to read your thoughts, even if they are your own spouse, family, or close friends.

To read other people's thoughts, all you need is not brain intelligence, but rather by listening to your own heart and instincts. This will appear when you have sensory sensitivity, i.e. the ability of yourself to see a person's non-verbal signals that may indicate sadness, doubt, resentment, lies, and so on.

You don't need to have superpowers to master how to read people's minds in order to know their lies. According to psychology, there are 7 things you can try, namely by:

1. Pay attention to body language

Mouth can lie, but body language doesn't. Common body language occurs when a person lies such as a restless hand, hiding a hand under a table, or shrugging and not standing upright.

2. Pay attention to facial expressions

When a person lies, his facial expressions may also change, such as widened nostrils, bitten lips, fast blinking eyes, sweaty forehead, blushing cheeks, out-of-focus eye vision, and so on.

3. Observe the tone and structure of sentences

When people lie, the tone and rhythm of their speech can change. The tone can be higher or lower than usual, or speak slower or faster than it should.

Meanwhile, from the sentence structure, the person who is lying usually gives a more detailed description than usual, including very specific information because his brain is working hard to piece together details that never happened in the real world.

4. Looking at the mouth and eyes

Another way of reading the mind is to look at the mouth and eyes of the interlocutor. Someone who is lying may close their mouth or eyes with their hands, or be unable to look at you at all. This is the natural response of someone who is covering up lies.

5. Observe the loss of a specific word

People who lie tend to avoid using the word "me", and make themselves a third person, for example by mentioning "this girl" and so on to avoid suspicion.

6. Listen to the interlocutor's answer

If you can answer the question directly and it takes time to think, it could be that the interlocutor is lying. He has anticipated your question and has prepared an answer that they will throw out so that you do not suspect.

7. Suspect vows to convince you

Honest people don't have to convince you of the truth being told. However, people who want to be trusted with their lies will fight desperately to seize your faith.

However, reading your mind to find these lies is not as easy as you'd think. Again, in the end you have to trust your own heart and instincts, especially when you have known the person for a long time and understand his/her nature.

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