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5 Ways To Manage Youth's Personal Finances Wisely


how to save money for teens

Talking about teenagers, of course, is complex. Because, adolescence is a time when the child turns to adulthood.  This is according to spikology itself. In this day and age, one begins to make preparations to become someone more mature.

One of the things that needs to be applied to become an adult is about finances. Managing finances—especially for youth— is also very important. As a teenager learning to grow up, learning about financial arrangements is something that should not be abandoned.

If adolescence is good at saving money, plan your finances well. Someday when married will protect the teenager from a bad financial future, will have good financial planning and will certainly protect themselves from the emergency funds needed.

Although managing finances is important, sometimes there are some teenagers who still do not care about the importance of managing finances. This is due to several factors such as the lack of financial education from parents and from schools. This is what causes teenagers to neglect to manage their personal finances.

How the hell, how to manage personal finances for a good and righteous youth?

Below will be tried to describe some things related to how to manage personal finances for young people that can be applied:

1. Managing Finances By Getting Used to Frugal Living

The first way to manage a teenager's personal finances is to get used to a frugal life. Saving doesn't mean stingy, yes. Saving money also means buying something carefully. So, we have to be good at analyzing the importance of us spending money on something.

2. Don't Hang Out Much

The next way to manage a teenager's finances is not to hang out too much with friends. Sometimes because we are prestige, we are forced to follow the invitation of friends to hang out in places to eat.

Sometimes also to the shopping mall things that are not really needed. As a result, as a result we regret spending money to follow prestige. Don't need to eat much outside. It's better to eat at home. In addition to saving more, it is also more hygienic

3. Don't Be Easily Tempted By Discounts

Young souls are usually tempted by discounts. In fact, as a smart teenager, you have to be smarter at analyzing that the discount is not really a discount.

In one case, for example if you want to buy an item. The price tag says the original price is $100 and there is a discount to $70. Well, instead of you saving $30 better you don't buy it. You're going to save $100 more, aren't you?

4. Bring Food And Drink From Home

If you're a home-made kid, you can go to school with food from home. Rice side dishes and water.  This way of regulating a teenager's personal finances would be great if applied. In addition to saving money, of course bringing food and drink from home will be healthier because it is more hygienic.

5. Make Financial Records As Neat as Possible

Some people often underestimate about taking down finances.  Whereas recording finances will make us more organized and know where our finances are spending. And of course it will help to be able to evaluate which things should be purchased and not purchased if it is known that the manufacturer is too big.

Making financial records will also make us a more orderly and orderly person. It also makes us learn a lot about living disciplined.

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