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5 Ways To Save Money With Simple, Less Unnecessary Expenses!

how to save money

You don't feel wasteful, but the money is always running out? It is most likely triggered by small or trivial habits. Actually, there are many small habits that make your money run out quickly. Therefore, you should know how to save money to overcome it.

Nowadays, most people find it difficult to set aside money. That is because of the consumptive lifestyle of the community. So, you must have strong intentions and determination to save.

Saving money on salaries is still taboo for most people. If you do it every day, it will have a big impact on your finances. Moreover, you have to pay for the education of the baby until college.

For those of you who want to save money, here's how to save money so as not to waste:

1. Determine Income and Expenses

The first way to save money monthly is to determine your monthly income and expenses. This way, you can find out if your financial condition is good or not.

However, this process will be difficult if your expenses are greater than the income. If this happens, you can set up any needs that should be prioritized.

2. Set Savings Plan

To make your financial cash flow clearer, consider making savings plans. This type of savings has a fairly strict system. We recommend that you also separate your savings and daily accounts.

If you already have savings plans, then you can invest or save your child's education funds. You should also be wise in using monthly money.

The trick is to set aside money that can be debited automatically. If the account balance is less, you will be fined. This means you'll need to set up a budget or fund for your savings plan.

3. Don't Be Consumptive

The way to save money in order to save is to reduce shopping habits. For example, it takes you an hour to buy an item, so try to change it by thinking one day before buying it.

If you do this, then you will be aware that the item you want to buy is not to your needs and desires.

4. Investing and Saving

Reduce buying unnecessary items or other necessities, because you can use them for investment and saving. In today's modern era, both of these things have an important role to play in managing your finances.

The purpose of saving is to meet future needs, especially to finance children's education. As for investments, you can keep the asset value from inflation. You can try investing in gold and stocks.

5. Maintaining Health

Maintaining health is very important so that you do not get sick easily. Moreover, the costs incurred are not small. Therefore, you should exercise diligently and apply a regular diet.

6. Don't Overuse Credit Cards

Some people use credit cards wisely, but some are undisciplined when using them. One way to save money well is not to overuse credit cards.

That's because your debt will accumulate and it's hard to pay it. If necessary, you can bring cash on the go. So, you will learn how to use money wisely.

Not only do you cut purchases of unnecessary items, you can also use your monthly budget well.

7. Use Public Transportation

The government has been working to improve public transport and facilities. The goal is for Indonesians to switch from private vehicles and choose public transportation.

In addition to saving more, you have also contributed in reducing air pollution produced from private vehicles.

8. Avoid Temptation

Nowadays, people's lifestyles do not match the income earned. However, there are jobs that force to spend a lot of money, always gathering with many people until spending more, and living near shopping centers.

The way to save money from running out quickly is to avoid temptation. You can reduce the habit of going to shopping malls and try to spend time with family at home. Also, reduce unnecessary meetings with your friends.

9. Bring Supplies to the Office

Bringing supplies to the office is one way to save money every day. By bringing supplies from home, of course you can cut your daily expenses.

If you don't bring supplies, you might be able to spend about $30 or more on lunch. If multiplied by five business days, then you can spend about $150 just for lunch. Moreover, it does not include buying snacks at minimarkets and others.

In addition to saving money on daily snacks, the food you consume is certainly more hygienic and rich in nutrients.

10. Buying Quality Goods

Buying quality goods does sound expensive, but you should think about it again. If you spend $100 to buy a product, then buy it every two months, it will take $600 a year to buy the product.

The solution is to buy quality items that cost about $300, but are durable and more durable.

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