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How To Set Up A CANON Camera For The Right Outdoor

how to set camera

CANON Camera Settings for Outdoor – As a photographer, it is mandatory to know how to set CANON cameras for outdoor. Because photography activities lately are popular among young people, so it is only natural that many photo spots are targeted by young people as the background of taking photos. Well, one of the good photography is outdoor photography. This technique many people do because the resulting image looks natural. However, if you do not know the correct way of setting, of course the photo will be less than maximum. Well, then how the hell do I set a CANON camera for the right outdoor?

No need to be confused with gulana, because the way CANON camera settings for outdoor is actually not difficult if friends want to learn it. Therefore, on this occasion we will try to dissect it deeply. Let's face it, below diy camera will detail on how to set dslr camera for outdoor in depth.

Here are some camera settings you need to know:

Get to Know Ambient Lighting

Lighting is an important element of setting CANON cameras for the outdoors. Basically lighting for the outdoors relies on sunlight. Therefore, to get good lighting in the morning or evening. Recognize the golden time that is usually very good to take pictures, in general if the morning at 5 to 7 am as well as in the afternoon ie 4 to 6 am. It is determined the time of sunrise or when the sun sets, therefore recognizing the time of exposure in the sun.

Setting White Balance

After knowing the lighting, it is recommended that the CANON camera settings for outdoor should be set is white balance. This setting is usually used to adjust exposure so that it is not under or over exposure.

Turn on Camera Highlight Warning

This is one way to avoid over exposure or overexposed images so that they look too bright. Usually highlight warning terdpaaty on the LCD screen of the camera or you can also check the histogram on the LCD camera.

ISO Settings

ISO is one of the most powerful CANON camera settings for outdoor to adjust the right exposure to make the image look right. If you want to shoot in an open place (outdoor) it is recommended to use a low ISO so that the incoming light is not too high.

Use Low Aperture

This aperture aims to change the light obtained by the sensor. It is recommended that when using apertures as wide as f/11 and f/16, the small aperture of the lens will reduce the light entering the camera. Also, when using a small aperture it tends to result in a more focused image.

We Recommend Checking exposure mode settings

On CANON cameras the setting of CANON cameras for the outdoors is to set the exposure used. It is recommended to prepare with several exposure modes such as Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program Mode and some of the built-in features of the camera.

Use Flash as Fill In

It may feel strange during the day using a camera flash. However, the use of flash to illuminate dark parts of the object as it backs away from the light source will result in an interesting image. Take advantage of the flash compensation feature in CANON camera settings for outdoor so you can adjust the intensity of the flash issued.

Pay attention to photo size and format

In shooting it is very important to set the right size or format of the photo because basically the object used is also different. Just like when you photograph insects or animals in the outdoors, the size used is also different when used to take family photos or other important moments.

Basically, the setting of a CANON camera for the outdoors to note is lighting. Knowing the exposure time will certainly affect the result of the image obtained. Also, if you want to take an open image, it's best to avoid locations that could produce backlight images unless you want this kind of view. Hopefully reviews about CANON camera settings for the outdoor can be useful and see you soon.

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