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Latest! How To Easily Sharpen Blurred Photos On Smartphone

how to sharpen photos

For those of you who often take photos using a smartphone, you may often find blurry or blurry photos. Surely it's so annoying isn't it? Relax, there's a useful app to sharpen your photos.

Indeed, often people are reluctant to take pictures a second time. It is considered to have a different taste value than before.

To solve blurry photos, there are many ways you can do that. You can even fix blurry photos on your smartphone.

Here we share 4 apps to sharpen blurry photos via smartphone:

1. Fix Photo Blur

As the name suggests, this app can be used to sharpen blurry photos. Unlike other apps, Fix Photo Blur is specially made to sharpen blurry photos.

To sharpen blurry photos, users just have to open the app. After that, click 'Open' to insert or edit the blurred photo.

After that, Fix Photo Blur will display several tools, which you can choose to sharpen blurry photos. Some of the tools include Details, Fix Blur, Focus and Fix Noise.

Users just have to slide the lines that are in each tool. Slide the lines until you get a clearer result.

2. Pixlr

This second app is great for sharpening blurry photos. In addition, Pixlr is one of the most usable photo editing apps for editing photos.

Pixlr has more than 1 million users downloaded on the Play Store. This app is widely downloaded by people because it has many features, which are ready to sharpen and even edit photos.

To sharpen a photo using Pixlr, open the app. After that select the 'Photos', menu to specify the blurry image that you want to sharpen later.

Next select 'Tools,' and click on the 'Adjustment' feature. Then set the highlight level, to brighten the image. And lightness to adjust the brightness level of the background of the image.

Go back to 'Tools' and click 'Autofix,' to clarify the previously blurred image. Also reduce the noise level. The feature is located in the 'Smooth' tool.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Maybe you're familiar with Adobe Photoshop. But Photoshop this time can not only be used on PC. You can also use the app on your smartphone.

In addition to being the best photo editing app, apparently Adobe Photoshop Express is also one of the alternatives, to sharpen blurry photos on smartphones.

To use Adobe Photoshop Express, log into the application. After that, decide which photo you want to edit, by clicking on one of the photos.

After that, select the 'Adjust' feature and replace it with the 'Sharpen' tool. These tools will make the photo sharper.

Then slide sharpen tools until it reaches the number 150. If you want to make your photos clearer, then take advantage of the 'Auto Enhance' feature. Click the feature and it's finished. Now the photo is not blurry and sharper.

4. Toolwiz Photos

The last app you can use to clarify your photos is to use Toolwiz Photos.

With the app, users can not only sharpen photos. But also editing photos becomes more interesting.

To use this app, log in to the Toolwiz Photos app. After that, click 'Pro Editing' and select the photo you want to clarify.

After that in the tools options, click 'Enhance' which is on the far right. In Enhance, there are many tools that you can use to sharpen your photos.

One of them is Defog tools. Click on the tools, and select 'Strong' to make the photo sharper.

Next, click 'Auto Tone' and choose between 'Tone Basic' or 'Tone Correct.' The options can be adjusted to the condition of the photo.

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