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Your Lips Dry And Black? Here It Is Easy Ways To Blush Lips Naturally


natural red lips

Healthy lips and blush red are the desires of many people. To get it, there are ways to blush lips naturally that are easy and you can do it yourself at home.

Lips are a part of the skin that has more blood vessels than other areas of the skin. The presence of blood vessels is what makes the lips have a blush red color.

If not treated properly, lips can become rough, dry, and chapped. This can make the lips look dull and dark.

Reddening the lips naturally can be done in the following ways:

1. Exfoliate lips

Removing the skin of the chipped lips can be done to redden the lips naturally. To do this, apply a little sugar or a drop of honey on the lips, then rub gently. After that, dry the lips with a towel or clean cloth and apply a lip moisturizer.

In addition to reddening the lips naturally, removing the peeling skin of the lips will also give the appearance of soft and blushing lips. However, do not exfoliate more than twice a week to avoid irritation of the lips.

2. Avoid lip biting habits

Some people often bite their lips to redden their lips. In fact, the habit can actually make the lips cracked, injured, and even bloody. Therefore, avoid the habit of biting the lips.

3. Stop smoking

Some research reveals that smoking habits can be bad for skin health, including lips. Smoking can also cause black lips, because the production of melanin substances or skin dyes on the lips becomes higher.

Therefore, stop smoking habit from now on to get red lip skin blush and of course a healthy body.

4. Fulfill your intake of water

Another way to have a blushing and healthy red lip is to meet the needs of body fluids. To meet your body fluid intake, you can drink at least 2 liters of water or at least 8 glasses daily. Thus, the lips are not dry and look natural red.

5. Protect against sun exposure

Discoloration of the lips can also be caused by sun exposure. To avoid this, you can use a lip moisturiser with SPF 15 in it.

6. Keep lips moist

In addition to protecting from sunlight, lip balm is also used to maintain lip moisture so that lips are not dry, scaly, and cracked.

You can also use natural moisturizers, such as coconut oil, honey, olive oil, cocoa butter, and petroleum jelly, to keep lips moist throughout the day.

Some of the above methods, can be your alternative to blushing lips naturally rather than using cosmetics that contain chemicals.

If your lips look dry and dull despite having done various ways of reddening the lips naturally as described above, you can consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.

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